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BEHOLD #126 – Pomwilla, the Smile Maven

Pomwilla oversees all of the smiles of the pompulation. She keeps track of the 19 different kind of Pom smiles – and only 6 of them indicate happiness. A smile is the first thing Poms notice about each other. Smiling can help Poms live longer and lower their blood pressure. A forced smile can lower pain and increase endurance. The act of smiling can make the smiler’s brain feel as stimulated as if they have won $25,000. A smile is also contagious – but would someone smile when looking at the Poma Lisa? Her smile is such a tiny little smirk it’s debatable as to whether seeing it would cause another Pom to smile. Nonetheless, she has the most famous Pom smile in the world. Pomwilla documents all of the smile facts and happenings, and helps spread smiles to Poms far and wide. As for her red hair – well, she is trying something new and having an autumn moment.

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