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BEHOLD #127 – Ping, the Golden Pomton

Pomtons are Chinese dumplings, and there are many types – Sichwan, Cantonese, Shanghai. “Pomton” means “swallowing clouds” in Cantonese, and Pomtons were originally created in Canton. (The city is now called “Guangzhou”). They were created during the western Han Pomasty. Minced pork is the most popular filling, but Pomtons can also be filled with chicken, shrimp, or veggies. There are even desert Pomtons. Don’t mistake them for Pomstickers, which are wrapped with thicker dough and are only savory and dipped in their dipping sauce. Ping is a special golden Pomton – inside of the golden wrapper is a tasty Pom Pom filling, and the broth is absolutely delicious (and in a pot on the stove not pictured here). Pomtons can be dipped, or come in the yummy broth and be baked, steamed, broiled or fried. They are truly the dumplings of limitless pomsibilities!

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