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BEHOLD #128 – The Pom Kebab

A Pom Kebab is a meal of grilled cubes of meat (usually lamb) on a skewer. It is a traditional Mediterrpomean meal that also be made of poultry, beef, or fish with veggies interspersed. The word “kebab” in Arabic means “frying/burning”, (17th century). Even older, the word “kebab” in the ancient language Aramaic means “pointed stick,” (11th century). But the practice of cooking meat on a stick dates back to pre–pomstoric times – over 1 million years ago. The average Pom kebab provides 98% of a Pom’s daily salt intake. It is considered to have originated in Turkey, and like the Pomton, the variations and pomsibilities for Pom kebabs are endless.

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