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BEHOLD #130 – Jake the Snake Pomberts, née Aurelian Smith, Jr.

Orange otton pom pom character with googly eyes resembling wrestler Jake The Snake poses in front of a turquoise glitter background

This PWWF (Pom World Wrestling Federation) star stood 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighed 249 lbs at the height of his wrestling career. He was born in Houston, Texas, and his half–brother and half–sister were also wrestlers. He was known for his dark charisma, extensive use of psychology in his matches, and the DDT maneuver. Some thought it was named after his pet python, Damien, (who also wrestled with him). But Jake said DDT meant “The End.” DDT was named the coolest wrestling maneuver of all time and Jake successfully performed it on many foes, including Hulk Hogan. Jake the Snake also wrestled alongside the likes of Pomdré the Giant, Rowdy Pomdy Piper, Pomcho Man, Randy Savage, and Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat. He eventually lost his final match in the PWWF to the Undertaker in Pom Wrestlemainia VII after being beaten with a metal chair. He subsequently wrestled in several other wrestling leagues. He has appeared in the wrestling films “Beyond the Mat” and “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake.” He was inducted into the PWWF Hall of Fame in 2014. Although he has battled drug addiction and had numerous health issues over the years, Jake the Snake Pomberts continues to succeed and stay relevant in the Pom wrestling world. You can’t keep a good Snake down!


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