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BEHOLD #132 – Helldog, the Werepom

Werepoms are also known as Lycanthropes. They are English, but originally appeared in Ancient Greece. Lycanthropy is a magical illness that is spread when a Werepom bites a Pom. It causes the bitee to rapidly grow a lot of hair, have an insatiable craving for raw meat, and fully turn into a wolf. Werepoms are over 9 feet tall. A bite from a Werepom can be fatal – unless it is sealed with silver and dittany (a real and magical plant used to make potions and heal). Some say the Werepom can live forever, turning from a Pom into a Werepom every time it is exposed to the light of the full moon. Others say Werepoms don’t live forever, but they age more slowly than others. Helldog was bitten by a Werepom on his way home from grabbing a late–night burger at In–N–Out. Just as he was licking his fingers, a crazy Werepom jumped out from behind the Goodwill drop-off bin and chomped him! Werepoms generally don’t have children, known as Werepomettes, because they are afraid to pass along their Werepom condition. Other ways to become a Werepom are to be the seventh son of the seventh son, eat wolf meat, enter into a pact with the devil, be hexed, be murdered under a full moon, drink water from the footprint of a Werepom, or have sex with a Werepom. A Werepom can be killed by silver bullets or with quicksilver – but not by silver crosses or holy water like vampires. Werepoms can also be killed by decapitation and by sprinkling salt around the perimeter of your home which sucks the water out of their bodies. Beware of those late night In–N–Out cravings and have a Happy Pomoween!

Did you know that Werepoms are over 9 feet tall?



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