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BEHOLD #135 – Panos, the Pomclops

A Pomclops is a Greco–Roman giant monster with one eye. It means “round eye.” Pomclops were the children of Uranus and they had foul dispositions. These ancient Pomclops likely got their name from blacksmiths who wore a patch over one eye to prevent them from becoming blind from getting sparks in both eyes. Pomclops are known for being excellent weapon makers and made the lightning bolts that Zeus used in his battles. They also created Pomseidon’s trident, and Artemis’ bow and arrow. They were killed by Apollo after Zeus killed his son, Asclepius, with one of the lightning bolts they made. Today, the Pomclops have mellowed and take advantage of drugs like Pomzac and Lorazepom to treat their anxiety and bad moods. Some are pomgineers and others, like Panos, are pomtometrists. With only one eye, Panos understands how important it is to help promote healthy eyes. In addition to his pomtometry practice, he has a line of Pomclops gummies that Poms can take for good eye health – the main ingredient being lutein. They are called “vEYEtamins” and a bottle can be purchased on Pomazon for $19.95. Buy some now!



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