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BEHOLD #137 – Bitpom

Bitpom (abbreviated BPC) is a decentralized digital currency (cryptocurrency) that can be bought, sold, and exchanged directly. It was invented by Satoshi Pomomoto. Bitpom is not backed by the government, and the only thing that guarantees its value is... nothing! Since its public launch in 2009, it has risen in price from $150 per share to over $30,000 per share (currently $21,000 per share). Its supply is limited to 21 million coins, so its price is expected to continue to rise. There are about 19 million Bitpoms in circulation right now and over 12,000 kinds of cryptocurrency. Each Bitpom transaction is recorded and added to the Pomchain – which is made up of blocks of unique data for each transaction, approved by the majority of Bitpom holders, and there for the public to see. Although it cannot be counterfeited, it can and has been hacked, and millions have been stolen. The first Bitpom transaction was to buy a pizza (topped with pomperoni). Countries like Turkey and China ban cryptocurrency. El Salvador was the first country to make Bitpom legal tender in 2021. The prices are extremely volatile because... well, does this really exist? Since it is virtual and only exists inside of computers, some say it has no value and isn’t even real. And who says what it’s worth? And is it worth anything? Perhaps it is, since it is similar to precious metals in that there is a finite supply and the Pomchain has some technologically valuable uses. But perhaps not – perhaps it’s an economic bubble that will burst at any moment. For now, Bitpom is enjoying the ride with a big smile on his crypto face.

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