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BEHOLD #140 – Rapomzel

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a couple who longed for a child. The woman became pregnant and craved the garden plant, Rapomzel. Her husband stole some from a sorceress’ garden and the sorceress caught him. When the baby was born, they named her Rapomzel. The sorceress took the baby from them and locked her in a tower. Rapomzel grew into a beautiful young woman with very long, blond hair. One day a handsome prince heard her singing from the tower and he came to free her. She let her hair down and he climbed up her hair and rescued her. Then they got married and decided to start a hair weave business together. It’s called Weavepomzel Designs. They had many daughters whose hair grew incredibly fast, and Rapomzel would cut it and sell it to hair artists who would create weaves and wigs with it. Many of the hair artists competed in the ultimate Hair Art Creation Competition, Weave Wizards. As their business, family, and responsibilities grew, Rapomzel and her husband, Reggie, neglected their romance and decided to go to marriage counseling. With help from their counselor, Dr. Truth, they now have regular date nights and vacations and things are back on track. Hair and love abound in their household, and thanks to commitment, compromise, and a good therapist, they lived happily ever after.



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