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BEHOLD #142 – Simon, the Snowman

Simon was born at the St. Regis in Deer Valley, Utah. Snowmen are anthropomorphic snow sculptures of men built out of snow in regions where there is enough snowfall to create 3 balls of snow stacked upon each other and then given various wardrobe accoutrements. Nowadays there are also Snowwomen and Nonbinary Snowpeople. When you see a Snowperson please ask what snow–pronouns they prefer to use. Simon prefers the snow–pronouns he/him/his. The tallest Snowperson ever was named Olympia and she was made in Bethel, Maine in 2008. She/they was 122 feet high and made with 13,000,000 pounds of snow. The builders were learning about pomgineering and architecture. In 2009, the physicists at the National Physical Laboratory in London made the world’s smallest Snowperson – 0.01 millimeters tall (no name). They were learning about nano particles. And Japan holds the record for the most Snowmen ever built in one hour – 2,036 Snowmen were built by hand by 1,406 people in Hokkaido. They were experimenting with teamwork. There is so much to learn from these wonderful Snowpeople!

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