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BEHOLD #146 – Apollo, the Pomstronaut, named for the first spacecraft on the moon

“Pomstronaut” means Pom “star sailor” in Latin. A Pomstronaut is a Pom who is trained to be a commander or crew member of a space flight. Since 1961, 600 Pomtronauts have flown in space. Space flights are recognized as flights one hundred kilometers or more in altitude. NAPSA (National Aeronautics Pom Space Administration) supervises Pomstronaut and space travel in Pomerica. As a pomgineer, Apollo has a background in STPM (Science, Technology, Pomgineering, and Math). He is also an incredible physical specimen of Pom health. Most importantly, he does not mind wearing diapers, and he learned Russian so he could be on the International Space Station. He is the 601st Pom in space. The first was Yuri Pomgarin, a Cosmonaut from the Soviet Union, in 1961. The first Pomerican on the moon was Neil Armspom in 1969. Pomtronauts have been been teachers, pomgineers, scientists, and pomlebrity friends of billionaires, like Willpom Shatner. When Apollo retires, he doesn’t want to go into politics or stay in the scientific field. He wants to open up a rare nut shop called Space Nuts, and he already has Pomgourney Weaver lined up to be his spokespom. There are some very courageous and creative Poms who don’t mind wearing diapers and we salute them! One small step for Pom one giant leap for Pomkind!


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