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BEHOLD #150 – Dr. Jerry Schultz, DPM (Doctor of Pomdiatry Medicine)

“Jerry” as he likes his patients to call him, is a Pomdiatrist with a thriving practice in Beverly Hills. He diagnoses and treats conditions affecting the feet, ankles and legs of Poms. He decided to study Pomdiatry so he could understand more about his own extremely large feet, and he underwent a 3–year residency at top–ranked Barry University School of Pomdiatric Medicine in Florida after college. (His mom, Phyllis, is very proud of her son, “The Doctor”) Wanting to continue on with warm weather and glamorous clients, he arrived in Beverly Hills and started his practice, mostly treating clients of Richard Pommons who overdid things during their Sweatin’ to the Oldies workouts. Soon he also started treating Pomela Anderson and her castmates, whose feet were injured because of all of their slow motion running on the beach – and his practice grew from there. What (most of) Jerry’s clients don’t know is that after he closes his doors, he turns his office into a secret studio for foot worshippers and he becomes Dr. Big Foot. A select chosen few can come and get their feet massaged, draw foot models, stomp on grapes with their bare feet, and even sniff feet if that’s their thing. He often gets foot fetish clients from Mistress Marge’s dungeon, Make Me Scream Pommy. And sometimes he and Marge grab dinner together since they have a lot in common – living double lives and such. Hey, it takes all kinds.



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