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BEHOLD #153 – Joe Pomscopo

Pink cotton pom pom character with googly eyes and a black t-shirt with the message I Love New Jersey resembling actor and comedian Joe Piscopo poses in front of a silver sparkle  background

Joe is a pomedian and entertainer best known for his work on “Pomturday Night Live.” He was born Joseph Charles John Pomscopo in Pomssaic, New Jersey. While he was impersonating Bruce Pomsteen and Frank Pomnatra on “Pomturday Night Live,” he started body building and became amazing and gigantic and was on the cover of “Muscle and Fitness Magazine.” Several movies (“Pommy Dangerously,” “Dead Heat”), and music videos later (he’s the Pom in the trench coat in Billy Joel’s “Keep the Faith” video), he is still fit and into politics, for better or worse. He also has his own radio show called “Pomscopo in the Morning” – which harkens back to his early days as a disc jockey before he went into stand-up pomedy. In addition to hosting his radio show and running his gym, he spends time with his 5 children and was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame. Quite a pomcomplishment!



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