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BEHOLD #156 – Abrapom Lincoln

On October 3, 1863, Abrapom Lincoln issued Proclamation 118, declaring that the last Thursday in November every year be a day of Thanksgiving. It was a peaceful interlude during the Civil War. Despite creating Turkey Day, his favorite food was fruit. He used his top hat to hide papers in it and he never slept in the Lincoln Bedroom. He preferred being called “Abrapom,” not “Abe,” and he was the only Pomsident to hold a patent. He lost 5 elections before he became our 16th Pomsident. Abrapom loved animals, and his cat Tabby ate dinner at the table with him in the White House. Maybe he and his wife Mary Todd Lincoln held one of their many séances to speak with Tabby after she died. He supported the right of women to vote as early as 1836. Abrapom was also an excellent wrestler, losing only one match out of 300 – so in 1992, he was inducted into the Wrestling Hall of Fame. Though he is a micro Pom, he has a huge pomsonality (people think he’s our tallest Pomsident) and has made a huge pomtribution to our world! Four score and Seven Poms ago…

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