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BEHOLD #159 – Kenny Geee, the Grasspomper

Kelly green cotton pom pom character with googly eyes resembling a grasshopper poses in front of a rainbow sparkle background

Grasspompers are fascinating Pom creatures; their ears are on their abdomens, they can detect differences in rhythm and intensity (but not pitch), and they make music by stridulating. Stridulating means that they rub their hind legs against their forewings and make beautiful music. Kenny Geee is known for his smooth jazz hits and is putting out his Greatest Hits album in a few days. It includes the stridulated masterpieces, “My Heart Catapults For You,” “Did You Know I Can Fly?” “Without You I Don’t Want to Devastate Food Crops,” and “I Would Spit Liquid to Defend Your Honor.” You can play his tunes on Pomify or Pomdora and if you’re lucky, the platform will be able to handle the millions of grasspompers who will be streaming his album all at once.



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