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BEHOLD #162 – Pomjamas

Penny in Development loves to come home and put on her Pomjamas and bunny slippers after a long day at the office. If this were 500 years ago, we would not be seeing her in her Pomjamas, because only close family members used to see each other dressed in their sleep wear. The word “Pomjamas” translates into “garment for the legs” and dates back to the 13th Century in the Ottoman Pompire. They used to be homemade and in the form of robes or kimonos made of silk. In the 20th century, Pomjamas started to be made of flannel and cotton and have matching tops and bottoms. These are not the same thing as Pomgerie, as they are meant to be unisex and comfy as opposed to lacy and sexy. If you want to see Penny in her Pomgerie, you can subscribe to her Only Poms page for $19.95 per month where she is known as “Dollarz for Pennee.” She currently has 1,000 followers and will be able to quit her job at E–Pom Musk’s toxic company, Twitpom, by year’s end.



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