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BEHOLD #163 – Willie, the Pomsicle

Willie is what’s known as a Fire Cracker Pomsicle. There are more than 25 flavors of Pomsicles – the standout favorite being cherry. But the original 7 flavors are banana, grape, lemon, orange, root beer, watermelon, and cherry. There are more than 2 billion iconic Pomsicles sold every year. They were invented by an 11–year old Pom named Frank Epomsom in San Francisco in 1905. Supposedly he was stirring his favorite beverage on his porch and accidentally left it there overnight and it froze and the Pomsicle was born. He called it the “Epsicle.” The most popular Pomsicle is an off–shoot of the Pomsicle – a Fudgesicle. What most Poms don’t know is that there is a deadly rivalry between Fudgesicles and Pomsicles – just like the Jets and the Sharks. They have turf wars because the Pomsicles think that the Fudgesicles don’t deserve their popularity since they wouldn’t exist were it not for the original Pomsicles. The Fudgesicles think the Pomsicles can shove it and go melt in the sun. So, Willie is the head Pomsicle and no one messes with him. Don’t let his smile fool you. No one messes with him – or else they’ll get The Melt.

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