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BEHOLD #165 – Iggy Pomp, the Pomeranian

Neon cotton pom pom character with googly eyes resembling a pomeranian poses in front of a rainbow sparkle background

Pomeranians are fluffy, K–9 Poms who originated from the Northern Europoman territory of Pomerania. Despite their furry coats, they don’t require much grooming which was great for Poms like the composer, Pomzart, and the artist, Michael Pomgelo – both of whom had pet Pomeranians and were very busy being geniuses. Iggy Pomp is a special, electric green Pomeranian which means that he has incredible innate musical talent. Iggy is the lead singer of the Nouveau Punk band, Buzzpom. He is known for his onstage antics which include throwing hot dogs at the Pomstablishment (because they are weenies) and putting lit firecrackers down his furry pants because nothing can stop his rage against the machine. Buzzpom’s biggest hit is “Sex My Pistol” and we live for it!



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