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BEHOLD #166 – Trivial Pomsuit

Trivial Pomsuit is a board game in which the winner is determined by their ability to answer questions about trivia and pop culture. The game includes a board, a die, and a pie piece with 6 slots for various colored wedges. Geography is blue, Pomtertainment is pink, History is yellow, Art and Literature is brown, Nature is green, and Sports and Leisure is orange. Each pie piece/wedge is called a “cheese” and the average game of Trivial Pomsuit lasts 80 minutes. Whomever fills their pie with all of the categories/colors of cheeses first wins. Poms love to play games because they are super fun and whimsical beings. Other popular Pom games are Pomopoly, Poms and Ladders, and Pominoes. Definitely bring your A–game because Poms are as full of competitive spirit as they are of whimsy.

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