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BEHOLD #167 – Lorazepom

Lorazepom is also known as “Atipom” and it belongs to a group of medicine called benzopomazepines. It can be taken by Poms who are experiencing anxiety and difficulty sleeping. When Poms are born, each comes with a golden key that fits inside of the keyhole in medicine trees that live in the Healthcare Forrest. When a Pom feels that they might need or benefit from some medication, they take their golden key to the medicine tree and if the medicine is correct for them the medicine tree will grow the medicine in its branches and then the Pom can pick as many pills as the tree grows – No pomscription necessary, no risk of addiction, and no insurance companies. This medicine tree just grew some Lorazepom pills for its patient. Poms believe that no one knows their bodies better than they do and so they can go to the medicine trees whenever they like. The medicine trees’ powers of pomtuition act as a safety net to make sure the poms are getting the right medicine in the right amount. (Poms can also consult with their medical doctors before they visit the medicine trees). If a medicine is not right for a Pom, the tree won’t grow the pills. Even poms can’t escape some health issues, so medicine is a wonderful thing. The medicine tree system came about after a disaster with Opoma Care. You live, you learn.



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