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BEHOLD #168 – Maya, the baby blue Pom Owl

Pom Owls blend into the color of their pomvironment. It just so happens that Maya lives in one of the bluest places on earth – the Blue Grotto in Croatia. Since she is nocturnal, Maya leaves the Grotto at night and frolics with the other members of her Pom Owl group or “parliament.” They go fish hunting in the pomninsula and do quite well, although they are far sighted. Their eyes don’t move – like binoculars – but their heads can turn almost 270 degrees. This also enables them to find blue berries and blue cheese to eat as part of their charcuterie appetizer before their fish course. Maya and her parliament are foodies and enjoy a good bottle of Pomnot Grigio with their meal. Zivjeli!

Did you know that “Živjel!” means “Cheers!” in Croatian?

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