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BEHOLD #169 – Pom Gogh, née Vincent Willem Pom Gogh

Born in 1853, he is considered one of the greatest Dutch painters ever. He was the eldest of 6 children. He was a quintessential tortured Pom artist whose dark side grew from an unrequited love that he had with a London Pom. After that experience, he studied theology because he wanted to serve humanity. He gave away all of his earthly possessions and was dismissed by the church for having too literal an interpretation of their teachings. So, feeling betrayed, he cut the church out his life and decided that his purpose was to bring consolation to humanity through art. He signed his paintings “Vincent” to show he was one with the Pom people. His artistic period lasted only 10 years during which time he crystallized his Pompressionist style and painted “Starry Night,” “The Irises,” “Almond Blossoms,” “The Pomtato Eaters,” and many other pomsterpieces. He made over 700 oil paintings and 800 drawings. He later had a breakdown where the bottom portion of his left ear was cut off during a conflict with the artist, Pom Gauguin. Although he was very poor, his brother, Theo, supported him financially and fully believed in him as an artist. Ironically, his paintings are now among the most expensive ever sold in history. Pom Gogh was totally driven by the faith he had in his purpose. He was able to make the most beautiful art even in the hardest times of his life. Incredible Pom. You can go see the Immersive Pom Gogh exhibit in Pommywood and get some Pomspiration to ignite your purpose in life.



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