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BEHOLD #171 – Margot, the Merpom

Merpoms are magical creatures that are half fish, half Pom. They live in oceans, seas and lakes. Mermpoms have special abilities. For example, they can control the elements (earth, air, water, fire) and summon lightning. They can also put people into trances when they sing. (Singing Merpoms are called Sirens). If you are lucky enough to kiss a Merpom, you may grow gills so that you can breathe under water or develop amazing healing powers. Since she can control the elements, Margot works as a meteorologist for K–MER News on channel 99. She gives a highly accurate daily forecast of weather above the sea and under the sea. As long as she doesn’t start singing, you will be able to stay alert and remember the forecast so that you can plan your outfit for the day. Margot’s sign off is “Now go show the ocean some motion!” She’s saucy!

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