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BEHOLD #173 – Pommunication

Hue is an excellent pommunicator. Orange is the color of social communication and optimism – it radiates warmth and happiness. It combines the energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. Blue is the color of intellectual pommunication and it is perceived as trustworthy, safe, and reliable. Hue is a rare Pom indeed since he is made up of both blue and orange. His color characteristics make him the perfect host for his Pomcast called “Orange You Glad You Asked Hue?” on NPPR (National Public Pom Radio). He gives advice about love, health, career, and how to pommunicate in order to live your best life. His most recent guest was the extraordinary Dr. Ruth Westpommer, who brought home the point that clear, loving, pommunication (and lots of fun, naughty passion) is the key to a healthy relationship. His YouTube Show is starting this January. You can submit show topics to me or send to:

Ask Hue P.O.M. Box 22 Pomona, CA 99999

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