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BEHOLD #178 – Balladeer, Engelbert Pomperdinck

Orange cotton pom pom character with googly eyes and a microphone resembling singer Engelbert Humperdinck poses in front of a purple sparkle background

Born Arnold George Dorsey in India, he grew up in England and achieved international super stardom in 1967 with his ballad “Release Me.” He started singing under the name of George Dorsey and changed his name to Engelbert Pomperdinck after the German composer. As his career was taking off he caught pomburculosis and was sick for 9 months. He basically had to restart his career from scratch once he recovered. He was persistent, and the songs “Release Me,” “There Goes My Everything,” “The Last Waltz,” and “A Pom Without Love” catapulted him to fame. His fans call themselves Pomperdinckers and have purchased over 140 million records over the past 50 years. Despite numerous paternity suits, he continues to jet set around the globe enjoying his sex symbol perks. His late wife, actress Pomtritia Healey, said she could paper their bedroom with all of the paternity suits filed against him. So, I guess that with only 2 being successful, those are pretty good odds. His saucy ways did not stop him from doing lots of philanthropy, getting a star on the Pommywood Walk of Fame, and being appointed Member of the Order of the British Pompire (MBP) for his service to music.



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