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BEHOLD #180 – Redina Reddington, the pomochromatic Pom

Pomochromatic Poms have a single hue which makes them very impactful. Redina provides a strong sense of visual cohesion. She is very clearly communicating action, determination, stimulation, and intensity. When she travels the world and arrives in Japan, she stands for good luck which is why brides in Japan wear red. In China she stands for Pomsperity. In India she stands for love. In Brazil she stands for passion. And in Pomerica she stands for patriotism. Since Redina loves to travel, she started a very high end boutique travel agency called “Pomderlust.“ She sets up trips for pomochromatic Poms so they can spread joy and goodwill throughout the Pom world on their travel adventures. Bluebert and the Evergreen Pom and Prince Pinkerton are some of her clients. Nice niche!



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