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BEHOLD #185 – Glenda, the ginger Gingerpom

Glenda is a very rare, red–headed Gingerpom who was originally baked in Pomsconsin during their coldest day on record (on Feb 4, 1996, –55 degrees). She was happy to have her start in the warm oven that winter day. After she left the oven and cooled, she took up residence in Ms. Georgina’s Gingerpom House for Wayward Poms. There Glenda learned that although nothing in life is a piece of cake – or a piece of cookie – hard work and discipline can help one build a wonderful life. Glenda started as a fry cooker at PomDonald’s and then became a manager. She moved on to work at high-end gourmet restaurants and now owns the ever-chic and delicious, three-Pomchelin Star restaurant, GingerHaüs. She’s pommed a long way, baby!

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