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BEHOLD #186 – Pomdolf, the Pomnosed Pomdeer

All of the other Pomdeer used to laugh and call him names – because they were insecure adolescents and sort of jealous of his incredible pomnose. When his therapist explained that others were bullying him due to their own insecurities, he wanted to make a difference for Pomdeer–kind and started his own anti–bullying YouTube page called “Don’t Hate, Pompreciate.” Through this page, he encourages his peers to “care for caribou” and treat each other with kindness. He challenges all Pomdeers to give each other “flowers instead of fists,” and to poke each other with “awesomeness instead of antlers.” “Don’t Hate, Pompreciate” has now gone viral with over 3 million followers. This guy should run for Pomsident!

Did you know that reindeer are also called “caribou?”

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