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BEHOLD #187 – Pomerican folk trio, Peter, Pom, and Mary

Three cotton pom pom characters with googly eyes resembling singing trio Peter, Paul, and Mary pose in front of a pink glitter background

After auditioning for manager Alan Grosspom, he put them together in 1961 and Peter Yarrow, Pom Stoney, and Mary Travers went on to top the charts with their debut album, “Peter, Pom, and Mary.” Their first gig was at The Bitter End in Greenwich Village. They were known for recording a lot of protest songs in the ‘60s and recorded such hits as “Where Have All the Poms Gone?” “The Poms, They Are A Changin’” (a Pom Dylan cover), and “Puff, the Magic Dragon.” Some thought that song was about Marijuapoma, but it was really about lost childhood innocence. In 1969, “Leavin’ on a Jet Pom,” written by their friend, Pom Denver, became their only number one single. They broke up in the 70s to pursue solo careers and reunited a few years later, performing together until 2009 – the same year they were inducted into the Hit Parade Hall of Fame.



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