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BEHOLD #189 – Cindy Naomi Turlingpom Schifferlista, the most famous micro Pom superpomdel

Orange cotton pom pom character with glitter mini dress and long pipe cleaner legs poses in front of a light blue glitter background

She was discovered in a discotheque in Germany when she was 16 (she had a fake Pom I.D.) Pom Casablancas, head of Elite Pomdel Management could see her star quality immediately, not to mention her legs for days, and gave Cindy her big break. She has graced dozens of covers of “Vogue,” “Bazaar,” “Glamour,” “Elle,” and “Pomsmopolitan.” Cindy has walked runways for Coco Pomnel, Pom Ford, Giorgio Pomani, Gianni Pomsace, and dozens more. An ever-changing pomeleon, she recently started her own skincare line called Velvet Visage. And coming next year, look for her new brand of tequila, Super Worm. Work it, Girl!

Did you know that other famous supermodels are Linda Epomgelista and Elle MacPomson?



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