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BEHOLD #190 – Rory from HR

Rory is a breath of fresh air and a real asset at the giant tech company, Qualpomm. As CBO (Chief Birthday Officer) he increases employee morale through the famous birthday parties that he throws. Since Qualpomm has over 51,000 employees, Rory is busy dreaming up and producing birthday fun all day every day. Some PG-rated (Pom Guidance suggested) examples are: for Norma’s birthday, he had a life-size elephant Pomñata made and the employees could take turns smashing it in the leisure quad area of the Qualpomm campus (next to the pickle ball courts). Once the shell was broken, cell phones, TVs, and giant gourmet salamis came pouring out. It was one for the ages! For Joe’s birthday, Rory rented an entire floor of the PomGM Grand hotel in Pom Vegas and Cirque Pom D’Oleil performers spelled out his name with their sparkly bodies 17 different ways. This was followed by an incredible birthday party for Harold at the Waldorf Pomstoria in New York where a gigantic bathtub was filled with hot chocolate, marshmallows and little boats for everyone to enjoy since Harold loves sweets and sailing. The entire Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad was hired to pass out mugs with Harold’s face on them for folks to enjoy their hot chocolate. Obviously Rory is a very popular HR Pom (with unlimited resources) and his creativity is boundless. We love Rory!



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