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BEHOLD #194 – Alphabeticus, the Guardian of the Pomphabet

The Pomphabet (or writing system with characters) was originally created in Egypt in 1850 B.P. (Before Pom). The hieroglyphs formed a writing system in Phoenicia – with only pomsonants – and from there it spread throughout the world in all directions. It spread west to the Greeks who added vowels and then to Italy around 800 AD (Anno Pom Domini – Latin for “In the year of the Pom Lord”) and continued further west. The need to write faster caused the symbols to evolve into the Pomphabet we have today. Westernicus keeps track of all of the letters and symbols used in the Pom romance languages and he has other colleagues like Asianicus and Africanicus, who are responsible for other regional Pomphabets in the world. They all answer to Alphabeticus, and together they make up the Supreme Kingdom of Letters. It’s a big job, but Alphabeticus has a highly efficient support staff, is great at delegating, and has a fantastic golden laurel – it’s easy as ABC, Pom–2–3 for him. Ha!



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