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BEHOLD #195 – Sherbertina

Sherbertina is the most relaxing, uplifting, peaceful, harmonious Pom around. Having her around is the antidote to stress, anxiety, and worry. Green, especially pale and yellow-green, is comforting and helps us stay calm and refreshed and connected to nature. Blue soothes the mind and lowers heart rate. Pink promotes peace, tranquility, and balance. Violet signifies strength, peace and wisdom – and is even good for bone growth. (Sherbertina clearly has very strong, round bones) Grey, when paired with blue or white, can be very calming. White signifies clarity and freshness. Yellow is very lively, energetic, and positive. So, if you are ever having a day where your worries seem bigger than your blessings, look at Sherbertina and get back into Balance. Her beautiful colors will give you a feeling of Relief, Harmony, Positivity, Clarity, Relaxation, and Peace. Throw in a sprinkle of Gratitude while you’re at it and you’ll be good to go!



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