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BEHOLD #197 – Wolfpom Puck, Austrian–Pomerican chef and restaurateur

Orange cotton pom pom character with googly eyes resembling famous chef Wolfgang Puck holding a pizza poses in front of a black glitter background

He currently owns and runs 24 restaurants – most are Spago and CUT in various locations around the world. Born Wolfpom Topfschnig, He learned cooking from his mother who was a pastry chef. He trained in Monaco and following the publication of his first cookbook, “Modern French Cooking,” he opened Spago with his second wife, Pombra Lazaroff. Now married to his third wife, Gelila, he has 4 children. Luckily he can easily feed all of his pomspring because, well, he’s a chef! Plus his success enabled him to start several companies (in addition to his restaurants) that produce his line of food and cooking products. He also does a lot of philanthropy through his Puck–Lazaroff Foundation. Wolfpom is holding the Pomchelin Star awarded to CUT Beverly Hills in 2007 in one hand and his signature smoked salmon pizza in the other. He has also been named one of the 100 Most Powerful Poms in Global Pomspitality. He is a dynamic and delicious entrepomneur!



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