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BEHOLD #199 – Maximus, Emperor of the Pomelos

Pomelos are the largest citrus fruits, weighing up to 4lbs and have a thicker rind than grapefruit. Its botanical name is “Citrus Maxima”. (Also called the Shaddock after Captain Phillip Shaddock who found them in Barbados). They are originally from Southeast Asia where they are eaten most especially at New Years and are considered good luck. Maximus has many courtesans and they have united with him to create many hybrid offspring such as the sweet orange, bitter orange, tangelo, grapefruit, nova, mandelos, and the Forbidden Fruit. The Forbidden Fruit’s mother is the Sweet Orange, Olivia. Although he is currently an adolescent, he has his sights set on becoming Emperor one day. Olivia will do anything she can to make this happen, including hiring dastardly henchmen to peel and segment the other courtesans so they can’t produce any more offspring. Oh, and there’s a dragon, and lots of fruit–nudity, too. It’s all very Game of Poms.

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