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BEHOLD #201 – John Kernel, the Corn Star

Corn stalk character made out of yellow cotton pom poms and green metallic pipe cleaner poses in front of a magenta glitter background

John grew up in France (corn grows on every continent except Pomtarctica) and he had a troubled youth. From his time as le petit maïse, he had a very thick stock and his friends teased that no amount of butter would ever be able to cover him. He ended up running away to the Pom Fernando Valley where he used his corn assets to his benefit. With so many people praising the size of his ears, his kernels, his stalk – he was getting work as a top Corn Star and living the high life in the fast lane, staring in films such as “Corny Nights” and “Peel My Ears Slowly.” But one day – Pop! He had a realization and decided all of his Corn Star fame was empty and meaningless. So he left the biz and wrote his memoir, “John Kernel, More Than A Stalk” and is now concluding his worldwide book tour. Next he is slated to give a PED (Pomnology, Entertainment, and Design) Talk in Pomo Alto called “How to Walk Proud With a Big Stalk.” He’s come a long way!



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