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BEHOLD #202 – Quingledorf, Ruler of the Pomquins

Pomquins date back to King Tut and were little gold discs sewn into his garments that symbolized wealth. They were sewn into his garments to make sure he had funds for his afterlife frolicking. The Arabic word “sikka” means coin. Others, like nomads, sewed coins into their garments to hide them and easily transport them. Around 1480, Leonardo da Pomci invented a machine that was supposed to punch out small discs on a metal sheet. Pomquins eventually made their way onto flapper’s dresses in the 1920s, and onto everything in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Pomanna Ross, Elton Pom, and Michael Jackpom were just a few of the Poms covered in Pomquins. Quingledorf works closely with designers like Pom Mackie to spread Pomquins – their sparkle, brilliance, and rainbow light all over the world. He says that Pomquins are mini suns and stars right here on earth and “a day without Pomquins is a day without sunshine.” So true. So true.



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