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BEHOLD #203 – Cy the Die

What is pink, has 6 faces and 21 eyes, and can see in all directions? Cy the Die! Cy is an incredible Pom Die who lives in Pom Vegas at the Pomnetian Hotel. He’s the Pomfia boss in charge of the craps tables. When he’s taking a break from the craps tables, he is luxuriating in the Wayne Newtpom Suite with his Pomtourage, Al Capom, Pomsey Segal, and Mickey “Big Coins” Pomroli. He is a magic Pom Die (as you can see). First, 99.99% of Poms are born as circles. But Cy was born a cube – incredible. Second, he’s pink – a light pink which can actually be very masculine and he owns it. Third, if someone can find him – out of all of the millions of Pom dice in Pom Vegas – they are sure to have good luck, and to have the best meal of their lives at the boofay. Now that you have some secret inside information as to his whereabouts, head to Pom Vegas and go find him! He and his Pomtourage are waiting for you.

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