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BEHOLD #204 – Ned “The Invisible Pomnado” Stein

Ned is an avid “Pommapictagraphist” or Pomic book collector. He recently moved out of his parents’ basement and into his first studio apartment on West 5th. He has always been into pomic books because he has his own superpower – he can turn into an invisible tornado that can blow Poms and other objects and creatures right off their feet. This is helpful when he sees someone committing a crime, like stealing office supplies or intentionally stepping on someone’s toe. Ned can turn into a pomnado and blow them away right in the middle of their dastardly deed. Unfortunately, he blows away lots of other things, too, (and ruins many hairdos) so he needs to choose when he uses his superpower very carefully. The only telltale sign that Ned is about to blow is that his hair starts leaning due east. As research, he reads and collects many pomic books like Batpom, Spiderpom, The Pomtastic Four, and the Pomvengers. He also attends several Pomicon conventions every year. With great power comes great respomsibility.



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