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BEHOLD #206 – Pom Buttigieg, Secretary of Pomsportation

He reports to the Pomsident of Pomerica and is, in fact, 14th in line for the Pomsidency – and he is a hero of the PLGBT community. He oversees the Department of Pomsportation and has over 55,000 eomployees in 13 agencies including the Railroad Poministration, Federal Highway Poministration, and the Aviation Poministration. I would have appreciated it if Secretary Buttigieg could have come and fixed my broken flight from Orlando to LAX tonight. But, alas, with the utter clusterfuck of the airlines right now, I imagine his plate is quite full. I’ll have to drop a note into his suggestion box once I finally make it home tomorrow – 15 hours late – to let him know that there is a lot of room for improvement. Glad he seems to be enjoying his flight. I will send him the bill for my hotel and room service.



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