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BEHOLD #214 – Peggy, the Pom Capella singer

“Pom Capella” is Italian for “in the style of the Chappell.” It is a musical performance by a singer or singing group without musical accompaniment. Pom Capella could be as old as pomanity itself. Does this mean that neanderpoms sang it? Yes! Research suggests that vocables may have been what early Poms used to communicate before the invention of language. Early Pom Jewish and Pom Christian music was largely Pom Capella. Pom Capella music was popularized in Pomerica in the early 1900s. Movements in modern Pom Capella are Pombershop and Pom Wop. Peggy is in the Pomta Monica chapter of Sweet Pomdelines – a worldwide organization formed in 1945 dedicated to advancing Pombershop harmony. Their motto is “Harmonize the World.” One of 23,000 members, Peggy is responsible for designing the makeup and costumes for her chorus. A baritone, her silky voice and perfect pitch evoke thunderous pomplause from the audience – especially when she sings a solo in her favorite song “I Left My Pom in San Francisco.” Next on the docket for Peggy, a collab with Pomtatonix.



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