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BEHOLD #217 – The Blue Bird Pom of Happiness

The blue bird has been a symbol of happiness in cultures all over the world – Chinese, Russian, Native Pomerican – for thousands of years. They are mentioned in the “Wizard of Oz” song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow... bluebirds fly.” Pom McCartney wrote a song called “Blue Bird.” Blue Bird Poms of Happiness can be found from Alaska to Baja, Mexico, and in Southeast Asia where they have “fairy blue birds.” They can also be found in my little cottage because I always have at least one Blue Bird of Happiness (usually made of glass or crystal). My grandma always kept one on her kitchen windowsill for good luck and happiness, and I take that one with me wherever I live. Now I also enjoy the Blue Bird Pom of Happiness. Everyone should have at least one to bring maximum happiness and cheerfulness to their home!

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