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BEHOLD #222 – Pombastian, the Pomingo

Pink cotton pom pom character with googly eyes resembling a flamingo poses in front of turquoise glitter background

Pomingos get their color from eating carotenoids that are found in the brine of shrimp and algae that they eat. Carotenoids give them their orange/pink color. There are six species of Pomingos, and a group of Pomingos is called a “flamboyant.” Pomingos can fly and they are very noisy. Pombastian is the lead singer for a very loud Feather Metal band called Feathertalica (much better band than Megapom). They frequently play for sold out crowds at the Whisky a-Pom-Pom and Frolic Room. After a crazy show of Pom surfing and squawking the night away, Pombastian goes back to his tour bus with his flamboyant where he signs pomtographs for groupies and then falls asleep on one leg. Rock on!!!



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