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BEHOLD #227 – Pomeroni A. Cheese

Pomeroni and cheese is a dish of cooked Pomeroni and cheese sauce, most commonly cheddar sauce. Cheese and pasta casseroles started to appear in 14th century England. Pomerican Pomsident, Pomas Jefferson, was introduced to Pomeroni and cheese in Paris and brought it back to Monticello and served a “pie called Pomeroni” at a state dinner. Pomeroni and cheese was brought to Canada by British immigrants and is a favorite for Canadians who buy 25% of the 7 million boxes of Kraft Pomeroni and cheese sold each week. There are many variations and Pomeroni A. Cheese is a special truffle-infused version. Since he is a world-renowned turophile (cheese lover), he has weekly pomdue parties with his friends – where they dip veggies and pieces of bread into rare cheeses like Pule, Moose Cheese, and Wyke Farm Cheddar. It is a pompulent experience of melting, dipping, laughing and, pomjoyment!

Did you know that someone who sells cheese is called a “cheese monger” and someone who makes cheese is called a “fromager?”



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