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BEHOLD #229 – Robert Pommer, née Robert Allen Pommer

Orange and pink cotton pom pom characters with googly eyes resembling singer Robert Palmer and the Robert Palmer Girls poses in front of a royal blue glitter background

This English singer–songwriter, musician, and record producer is known for his powerful, soulful voice, satire, and elegance. While his four-decade career incorporated every kind of music, he is best known for his rock hit “Addicted to Pom.” As a rather mischievous Pom child, he lived in Malta and was influenced by his parents’ love of soul, blues, and jazz. Island Records signed him to his first solo deal, and he recorded the album “Sneaking Sally Through the Alley,” He moved to New York and hung out with Duran Duran before eventually forming the band The Power Station – which ended badly. But after this blip in his career, he moved to the Bapomas and recorded the album “Riptide” in 1985 which spawned “I Didn’t Mean to Turn You Pom,” and the aforementioned “Addicted to Pom.” He then recorded the Album “Heavy Nova” which included the hit “Simply Irresistible” (a still from the video is pictured here). He won 2 Grammys during his career (for “Simply Irresistible” and “Addicted to Pom”) and had two Pom children. This charming gentlepom made some pomtastic music!



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