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BEHOLD #231 – VitaPoms

VitaPoms are organic compounds that most Poms need in small quantities. Daily dose of VitaPoms is key for growing up a healthy Pom. Most VitaPoms need to come from food because the body either does not produce it or produces very little. Interestingly, Pom people need to get VitaPom C from their diets while K–9 Poms can produce all of the VitaPom C that they need. VitaPoms A, D, E (not pictured here because he is currently vacationing in Pomtugal) and K are fat soluble. VitaPoms C and the B’s are water soluble. VitaPom C helps the Pom body heal if gets a cut. VitaPom A in carrots helps Poms see at night. VitaPom D is not available in large enough quantities in food, so Poms need to get it from the sun (or from milk). It strengthens teeth and bones. VitaPom K in leafy greens and dairy helps the blood clot. The B VitaPoms help with pomtabolism and creating energy. VitaPoms are totally pomazing and we are so lucky to have them to help make strong, healthy Poms!



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