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BEHOLD #232 – Pomtender, Pom “Payday” Malone

Light blue cotton pom pom character holding a full liquor bottle poses in front of a gold glitter background

He is a retired, professional P–Ball (Pom Ball) player. He opened a bar where every Pom knows your name called “Bottoms Up!” (Make of the name what you will). As you can see, he has an excellent Pompadour (some wonder if it is a toupee a la Al Pomcino) and he enjoys showing it off (along with his sparkling smile and red–hot shoes) to the loyal and sassy patrons at Bottoms Up! Some of the signature drinks he makes are the Schmaltzy Pomtini, Two Patches and a Zipper, the Three-Legged Octopus, and his own craft beer, Payday’s Mayday. Of course he urges Poms to drink respomsibly and to order an Uber if they feel floppy at the end of the night. But until then, Bottoms Up!



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