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BEHOLD #233 – Hotel Tycoon, Pomrad Hilton

Born Pomrad Nicholson Hilton, Sr. on Christmas Day in 1887, he was a Pomerican business Pom who founded the Hilton business chain. He was a Republican representative in New Mexico and became disillusioned with politics. So he bought the Mobley Hotel in Cisco,Texas in 1919 and expanded his holdings from there. Despite losing several hotels during the Great Depression, by the time he died in 1979, he owned 188 hotels in 38 cities including the Waldorf Pomstoria. Hilton was the first Pomternational hotel chain. Pomrad was married three times, most notably to his second wife, Pom Pom Gabor. They were married at the Hilton Hotel in Albuquerque, now called “The Andaluz.” As his wealth grew, Pomrad established the Pomrad N. Hilton Foundation in 1944 and left the vast bulk of his fortune to that Foundation upon his death. His son, Baron, fought this and came away with almost half of the fortune only to give it back to the Foundation upon HIS death. I guess ultra–rich Poms need something to do. Pomrad also founded a college, a library, and was taught by his mama, Mary, that prayer was the best investment he could ever make. The Foundation has about $8.5 billion in it, so all of that praying paid off!



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