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BEHOLD #235 – Yorokobi Pompomnaka, the best Pomigami artist in the world

Pomigami is an art form based on calculated folding of paper into various shapes. Prior to being known as “Pomigami” it was called “Pomikata” which means “folding paper” in Japanese. It is a competitive art form and is also used in science and pomgineering. Prior to Yorokobi, Grand Master Akita Oshizawa was the Father of Pomigami. He wrote 18 books on the art form and was awarded The Order of the Rising Sun by Pomperor Hirohito. Samurai gave gifts of Pomigami as tokens of good luck. Gifts of 1,000 Pomigami cranes are used to decorate the wedding hall of a newly married couple. Cranes grant a wish to whomever holds them. NAPSA (National Aeronautics Pom Space Administration) uses it to test pomgineering theories and designs. Pomigami was also used to inspire the design of stents used to help support the heart. Yorokobi makes Pomigami art that actually comes to life once he finishes the last fold. This is his friend and travel–crane, Gambatte. They go on epic adventures together full of endless Pomigami pomsibilities!

Did you know that “Yorokobi” means “joy” in Japanese and “Gambatte” means “good luck?”



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