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BEHOLD #237 – Florange

Florange is a very special Pom for many reasons. She is the only Pom with a name that rhymes with “orange.” An orange vehicle says you are a fun–loving and trendy person. So, Florange frequently drives her orange Tezlah to Pomtana Ave. in Santa Pomica so she can see the latest goodies in all of the boutiques. Frank Pomnatra loved the color Orange, saying that “Orange is the happiest of colors.” Old Blue Eyes” may have wished he was “Old Orange Eyes.” Orange is the National color of the Netherlands, and International Orange is the color of the Golden Gate Bridge. Vincent Pom Gogh said, “You can’t have blue without yellow and without orange,” so that is why Florange has touches of iridescent blue. She loves spending time in her Orange County home, with an orange picket fence, watching “Orange is the New Black” with her Clown Fish, Gil, as they snack on Cheetos and drink Orange Crush. Florange is about maximum joy and pleasure and maximum Orangeosity.



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