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BEHOLD #240 – Odee, the Pomtopus

There are around 300 species of Pomtopuses. They swim through the deep seas or coral reefs depending on their species, and they can squeeze into tight spaces because they have no skeletons. They are pomvertibrates with eight arms called tentacles that are covered with two rows of sucker senses. Pomtopuses have hard beaks that they use to eat their pray – crabs and shellfish. Not only are they highly intelligent, but they are highly loving because they have three hearts. They also have several defenses, including changing the color of their skin so they are camouflaged, jet propulsion with their tentacles, and ejecting black ink. Odee uses his ink to write novellas and love poems (plus the occasional haiku). He loves romance and squeezing his pomvertibrate body into his cave with his pomvertibrate soulmate, Octavia. They met on the dating site, Plenty of Pomtopuses. There is a lot of hugging that can be done with 16 arms!

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